Lining up lights

Was working on the lighting of the Claptrap project and came up with an interesting method of how to light up lights when your not using a dome lighting method.

As the footage was taken in a very small hallway i couldn’t take a panoramic probe of the scene it would have been really badly distorted and i don’t think very accurate. So i took the approach of taking loads of HDR images of each wall and rebuilding the scene in lights in Maya. This way you get accurate lighting with minimal distortion.UntitledHowever the biggest problem with this method is lining up the lights to the scene. Once you have the scene set up and the lights separated into passes grade the render bright red and merge it over the top of the footage. You can now tell where the rendered light is in relation to the footage. Moving the light around and changing setting will then align the renders with the footage creating more accurate set ups.

Here are my aligned lights

a222aa aa233aa2

All this just shows the importance of a quality track

Lining up lights

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