Happy New Year

Welll its 2015 very interesting… i had a good 2014 i like to think iv greatly improved in the past year especially in regards to VFX lighting my 2014 January showreel looks awful so im glad i can see some improvement.

Definitely haven’t been partying over the break been working hard to get the next project up and going. While im waiting to get footage for my ATST model iv started another very different robot Claptrap from Borderlands. Hes actually a very interesting design with lots of different material which are going to be fun to shade. Heres what he looks like atm:


It took me about 30 hours to model across three very long days =) it was actually really fun to model but i hate that i had to cram it into such a short time but i only have soo long on holiday so had to get it done.

Iv filmed the footage and taken probes/refrence material so very busy working on that. As i shot this one inside i didnt think that a panoramic would work so experimenting by taking flat HDR images of each wall essentially rebuilding the corridor in 3D with lights. This is a very different challenge to the ones i usually face when lighting but it very intresting. I think im going to do a test render once its set up so should have some results soon! Anyway back to work

Happy New Year

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