Dublin VFX Summit


Me and my friend/Producer had a very fun weekend at the VFX summit in Dublin. All the talkers were very interesting i particularly enjoyed Eamoon Butlers presentation. He went into the details of production and getting the best out projects with organised shooting and communication, he was funny and interesting.

Some of the work on display was incredible especially the break downs of Guardians of the Galaxy the talent was out of the world. Turned down surfing and Teakwondo for the summit but glad i did it was worth it.

Dublin is a great place. We ate well and partied hard so much great music and sites all in all a great trip. Main reason i went down was to meet and greet which i did plenty soo really happy .

Some new work coming soon iv been working hard in Houdini (loads of fun) Currently destroying the quidditch chest. Its getting cut in half and splintering everywhere soo nice but having a bit of trouble with the base soo it might not be ready for a bit.

Lastly iv had a new piece of software recommended to me “Clarisse ” Its a 3D lighting and rendering software. Just like Katana but it dosnt use the Renderman engine. Soo i may have some work done in that soon however it is new and there are few tutorials about. Heres a few Xuan pradas Tutorials i discovered on his blog


Dublin VFX Summit

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