New Equipment Test

Soo all my new gears here and iv started to put it to work been busy at work for the past few weeks so havnt got any day shots yet so i did one in my room.

Winter break coming up soon so definitely going to take advantage of that hopfully some days with good light so i can film. Still looking for some inspiration for the next project.

New Equipment Test

Houdini Update

Soo finally figures out the problem i was having with my chest destruction problem. It turns out as i was trying to import an active object with ra bounding box that was blocking the colliding object and stopping it from splitting it in half.Untitled-2

This was pretty easily fixed it was just a matter of splitting each part up with the cookie and importing them back into the DOP network. The import will always try to make a simple bounding box to make the simulation faster so problems like this will arise.

Annnnyyywayy here are some of my results so far still is deferentially a WIP

Hoping to have some Clarrise work soon. Really struggling to find any tutorials / documentation for it. I think its best to have a really strong understading of VFX and what you are looking for before trying to tackle  a software with such little help. Saying that it is super fast at rendering and can handle alembic files very well. Its really nice going from Houdini to Alembic.

Soo had a very expensive week! hated having to borrow my brother in laws camera not the sort of person to keep on asking favours soo i bought my own D3100 a new lens, tripod and remote soo pretty much got a full VFX kit now which is very exciting. Looking forward for them to be deliverd so i can get some footage and panos and get back to lighting some new shots! exciting times!

Houdini Update

Dublin VFX Summit


Me and my friend/Producer had a very fun weekend at the VFX summit in Dublin. All the talkers were very interesting i particularly enjoyed Eamoon Butlers presentation. He went into the details of production and getting the best out projects with organised shooting and communication, he was funny and interesting.

Some of the work on display was incredible especially the break downs of Guardians of the Galaxy the talent was out of the world. Turned down surfing and Teakwondo for the summit but glad i did it was worth it.

Dublin is a great place. We ate well and partied hard so much great music and sites all in all a great trip. Main reason i went down was to meet and greet which i did plenty soo really happy .

Some new work coming soon iv been working hard in Houdini (loads of fun) Currently destroying the quidditch chest. Its getting cut in half and splintering everywhere soo nice but having a bit of trouble with the base soo it might not be ready for a bit.

Lastly iv had a new piece of software recommended to me “Clarisse ” Its a 3D lighting and rendering software. Just like Katana but it dosnt use the Renderman engine. Soo i may have some work done in that soon however it is new and there are few tutorials about. Heres a few Xuan pradas Tutorials i discovered on his blog

Dublin VFX Summit