Good timing Inspiration

Was taking a quick look through facebook when this popped up ( Sasme idea as what im working with but way more detailed. I worked really closely with star wars references i got online which no offence to Mr Lucas have much less details. Soo im going to add more bolts screws and supporting metals to give the AT-ST a much more interesting and believable. Seeing this image came at the perfect time, i was staring at the model trying to think of ways to make it look better because i just wasnt 100% and i couldnt figure out why. In the future i will definitely be checking CGSociety for references as well as real world. And lastly my new PSU came i pluged it in last night and all is fine, soo luck it didnt fry the motherboard very happy to have my PC back even though ill not see it till tomorrow got Teakwondo!

Good timing Inspiration

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