My Big Bang Theory

All my stuff has arrived! Got a X-Rite colour checker and a Nodal  Ninja MkII Starter Pack which im looking forward to using got a real kit together now gonna get a bag from the attic to put it all in.


Going to borrow my brother in laws camera on Sunday and get out and shoot, theres great surf on Saturday so cant do it then. Almost suprised myself by buying camera equipment over a new surf board =)


Had a bad sunday! Woke up and turned on my plugs to an almighty bang. The PSU (I think) in my PC blew so ordered a new one but still hasnt came yet! thankfully not much more needs done to the ATST before i get the footage so im not falling behind. Ill hopefully get it before Sunday even if i have to go to a shop and buy one. Going to Ju Jitsu for the first time i hope i like it as much as teakwondo you can never do to much martial arts =P Hopfully next update will include HDR previews and some test shots!!!

My Big Bang Theory

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