First Post

Well that was an exciting day! Got payed a wee bit earlier than i expected and got alot more! Rather than buying the usual chocolate and alcohol i decided to be a bit more sensible and ordered a Nodal Ninja Starter kit (a camera head the enables 360 portrait panoramas) and a X-Rite Colour checker. Probably went over board with the colour checker but i know how much easier it will make colour correction and matching lighting.

Currently working on a project with an abandoned AT-ST that gets adopted (hopefully an image will be below) still working on the texturing and model its all rigged and ready to animate but i just want to push the materials as far as i can.  Between that and texturing its easily my weakest area and i know how important they are to making something look photorealistic. Going to borrow my brother in laws D610 next week hopefully going to figure out how to get the exposure adjust working properly and get some footage and panoramic so all very exciting.

Been shooting to many high end EV and not enough low end to ready capture the darks its been giving me crazy numbers in the bright spots which blow out the lighting and need adjusted which is fiddly. Also wanting to try a few different and interesting lighting conditions like street lights or a car park and definitely some walking through shadows exciting stuff really want my panoramic mount to arrive soon!!!

soo between money, new toys and the likelihood of some decent surf at the weekend its all good =D

AT-ST Render 01

First Post